Latest Publication Activities by MS Denominator (2017)

Publication in Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities, Volume 25 (S) Jan   2017 (Special Edition) (Q2)

  1. Technology, Social network, Physiology and Psychology as Risks Factors to Mobile Phone Addiction by Naffisah Mohd Hassan, Erne Suzila Kassim, Siti Noorsuriani Maon, Nur Atiqah Rochin Demong and Sharifah Naziha Syed Kholed
  2. Sustainable Post-Disaster Recovery Plan for Flood Victims in Gua Musang and Kuala Krai, Kelantan by Rohani Mohd, Nordin Abu Bakar, Salwana Hassan and Afifuddin Husairi Hussain
  3. The Use of Rasch Wright Map in Assessing Conceptual Understanding of Electricity by Nazlinda Abdullah, Shereen Noranee and Mohd Rahim Khamis
  4. Does Store Environment Influence People with Disability's (PWD) In-Store Experience and Approach Behaviour? An Empirical Analysis by Lennora Putit, Jamaliah Md Yusof and Amirah Ahmad Suki
  5. Continuous Usage Intention of Location-based Services (LBS) Technology among Smartphone Users in Malaysia by Melissa Shahrom, Erne Suzila Kassim, Norshima Humaidi, Norol Hamiza Zamzuri and Nas Amirah Abdul Rahim
  6. Soft Skills: An Evaluation by Che Norlia Hassan, Siti Asiah Md Shahid and Noorlaila Yunus
  7. Social Commerce in the Digital Age: Analysis of Adoption Differences among Consumers in Malaysia and Nepal by Erne Suzila Kassim, Raj Kumar Bhattarai, Norol Hamiza Zamzuri and Abdul Kadir Othman
  8. Coffee Culture among Generation Y by Nor Hashima Hashim, Nur Amirah Mamat, Najihah Nasarudin and Nur Anisah Ab Halim
  9. Digital Display of Car Showroom: Proposing an Emotional- Environmental Conceptual Model by Nur Hazwani Zolkifly and Md Nasarudin Hussin
  10. BASO Model-Based Strategic Planning Training Impact on Rural Mosque Effectiveness by Syed Jamal Abdul Nasir Syed Mohamad, Roshidi Hassan and Mohamed Zakaria Mohamed Yahya
  11. Assessing Sharia Compliance Medical Destination Behaviour: A Medical Tourism Perspective by Amirah Ahmad Suki, Lennora Putit and Noor Rita Mohamad Khan


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