Research Initiative Group (RIG) Tier 4

Institute of Business Excellence-Potential to Tier 3

Director (Professor Dr Sofiah Abd Rahman) H:index Google Scholar

Established in 2005, Institute of Business Excellence (IBE), formerly known as Centre of Business Excellence (CBE) has been driven by innovative means to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practice to keep pace with the dynamic developments in the business world. This is made possible through IBE’s close relationship with industry partners and the government agencies. These collaborations, combined with its strength in training and research consultancy work creates knowledge that has critical and far reaching impact on the business society. IBE’s strength spans a spectrum of disciplines managed by its centres of excellence. Besides business and management, these centres among others, include Halal Management, Islamic Finance, Risk Management, Small and Medium Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism and Socio-Economic Ethnicity. IBE continuously look into new niche areas to ensure that it remains relevant to the industry, both local and internationally, whilst aligning with the national agenda. Currently IBE has four centres of excellence and this number will increase to include niche areas in the business related field. IBE’s international affiliations with Wakayama University, Japan, University of Sistan Baluchistan, Iran, Global Strategic Management Incorporation, Michigan, U.S.A. is a boost to create expertise and champions in the respective centres of excellence. IBE champion s numerous training programs and research consultancy to remain significant to the industry and the academic world.

Research Initiative Group  (RIG) Tier 5

1) Human Genetics and Biochemistry Research Group

Head (Associate Professor Dr. Farida Zuraina binti Mohd Yusoff)H:index Google Scholar


  • Dr. Erni Noor
  • Dr. Maslinda Musa
  • Wan Nurhayati Wan Hanafi
  • Wan Rozianoor Mohd Hassan
  • Norashirene Mohamad Jamil

2) Occupational Performance and Behavior Measurement Research Group

Head (Dr. Akehsan Dahlan); H:index Google Scholar


  • Dr Ajau Danis
  • Khairul Anuar Md Isa
  • Syamsul Anwar Sultan Ibrahim
  • Mohamad Ghazali Masuri
  • Sabariah Mohamad

3) Sustainable Tourism Research Group

Head (Associate Professor Dr. Nuraisyah Chua Abdullah)H:index Google Scholar


  • Assoc Prof Dr Norzaidi Mohd Daud
  • Assoc Prof Dr Salleh Mohd Radzi
  • Dr Salamiah A. Jamal
  • Dr Norzuwana Sumarjan
  • Dr Herwina Rosnan

4) Business and Consumer Health Sciences Research Group

Head (Dr. Lennora binti Putit)H:Index Google Scholar


  • Hasman Abdul Manan
  • Nur Shahrulliza Muhammad
  • Nina Keterina Hashim
  • Kartini Ilias

 5) Halal Management and Science Research Group

Head (Professor Dr Faridah Haji Hassan); H:Index Google Scholar


  • Dr. Siti Noor Hajjar Md Latip
  • Dr Balkis Haris
  • Dr 'Ismah Osman
  • Dr Asmah Awal
  • Dr Fauziah Ismail

6) Innovation Management Research Group

Head (Dr Erne Suzila Kassim)H:Index Google Scholar


  • Dr Ros'Aizan Abdul Wahab
  • Norol Hamiza Zamzuri
  • Nor Azilah Mohd Asarani
  • Ramita Abdul Rahim

7) Accounting Education Research Group

Head (Dr Razana Juhaida Johari): H:Index Google Scholar


  • Associate Professor Dr Halil Paino
  • Associate Professor Loo Ern Chen
  • Dr Marzlin Marzuki
  • Dr Zainab Haji Mohd Noor


Research Group (Potential to Tier 5)

Exercise and Sport Science

Accounting Education

Innovation Management

Kajian Manuskrip Melayu

Muamalat in Islamic Built Management

Social Informatics

Structural, Institutional, and Relational Channels of Distribution

Strategic Information and Intelligence Management

Learning Organization

Kumpulan Initiatif Penyelidikan